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  • Docker mit WSL auf Windows einrichten

    Insbesondere bei der Einrichtung lokaler Entwicklungsumgebungen in der Linux-basierten Web-Welt eignet sich Docker hervorragend zur Entwicklung. Wer seine apache oder nginx-basierten Container baut oder vorkonfigurierte Varianten nutzt, wird schnell feststellen, dass diese nicht allzu performant laufen. Zumindest bei der einfachen Nutzung von Docker-Desktop unter Windows ohne WSL Integration. Da kann ein Seitenaufruf schon mal mehrere […]

  • Google’s eingerückte Suchergebnisse

    In der letzten Zeit werde ich immer wieder nach eingerückten Ergebnissen gefragt. Auch wenn es dieses Feature ja nun wirklich schon ewig gibt, scheint noch längst nicht jeder zu wissen, was es damit eigentlich auf sich hat, daher hier mal eine kurze Erklärung: Prinzipiell von eingerückten Ergebnissen zu sprechen ist eventuell sogar etwas irreführend. Ich […]

  • Der erbärmliche Oberbürgermeister

    Udo Vetter vom lawblog hätte es nicht besser schreiben können, daher verweise ich hier mitsamt Überschriftenklau auf seinen Artikel zum erbärmlichen Oberbürgermeister

  • Purpose Inc to host charity Poker Tournament @PubCon Las Vegas

    PubCon Las Vegas is coming up next week. We’re actually flying down there on saturday. During the conference there will be a charitable Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament I’d like to attend. In order to register as a player, people have been asked to write about a charity, which I find is a fabulous idea. I’m […]

  • radius search with google maps and mysql

    Let’s say you’re building a wepapp and you want to give your users the ability to do a radius search for something (e.g. gas stations) in a specific location. On top of that you want your users to provide your app with new gas stations anywhere. First of all you obviously need some kind of […]

  • c++ xml parser

    I am currently developing a new project that works a lot with xml files. So I was in need of a fast, leightweight xml parser. I knew of one I already looked at some time ago. Xerxes XML-Parser is a very powerful tool and everything, but it is not leightweight. (Xerxe’s project has 53 MB […]

  • Linux is what you want it to be, nothing else

    I know that this topic has been discussed all over the internet for a few years now, especially since ubuntu became that popular. There are a lot of great comments and thoughts out there on what linux is and what it isnt, and especially on what it tries to be. But some weeks ago I […]

  • Installing apache, mysql and php on gentoo

    Just right now I’m setting up my new home server for various things. It’ll do all of my ranking stuff of course, since it’s very easy for me to get a new ip once G is blocking me. Right now most of the scripts are coded in python, but some essentials are still running on […]

  • Integrate phpBB with a full featured photo album

    So heres the deal: I wanted to set up phpbb for a group of ~40 people who went to summer vacation together. I also wanted them to be able to upload photos of the trip to some kind of photo album. There is a whole bunch of software out there, that would have filled my […]

  • setting up a bridged network for virtualbox on ubuntu linux (Host Interface)

    In order for this to run, you will most likely need a wired network connection, since most wireless-adapters won’t support bridged networking! This description is intended to be used with VirtualBox >= 1.4.0, since earlier versions handle the virtual networking differently due to kernel changes in 2.6.18 and later. First of all, you’ll have to […]

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